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ECG Coaching

For more than 35 years in over 50 countries, we've helped leading companies and their executives become significantly more effective and successful by improving how they communicate.

We have worked with many of the major names in the healthcare, finance, pharmaceuticals, biotech, technology, telecommunications, media, transportation, and aerospace industries.

Trust ECG, the communication strategy company.

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ECG Events

From destination management to FDA AdComm meetings, incentives to medical congresses, product launches to conferences, ECG creates great events.

We combine our multilingual teams' years of experience with innovative activities, thoughtful collaboration, resourceful budget management, and organized administration/compliance to craft events that will exceed your expectations.

Call ECG and check everything off your list.

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ECG Healthcare

For more than 30 years, ECG has prepared leading national and global healthcare companies for critical health authority meetings worldwide.

Having worked on 150+ FDA Advisory Committee meetings, and the important meetings that precede them, we have the experience to ensure your documents, presentation, and team communicate clearly, persuasively, and successfully.

ECG is just what the doctor ordered.

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Examples of Our Expertise:

FDA Advisory Committee Preparation

Our team has helped drug and device development teams prepare for over 150 FDA Advisory Committee meetings, including the vital meetings that precede them, since the 1980s.

From expert regulatory communication consulting to unparalleled high-stakes meeting logistics and coordination, all underscored by our individualized coaching techniques, ECG can help you communicate clearly and effectively with any health authority.

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Incentive Meetings

Research shows that offering an incentive program to your top performers—be it employee, client, or vendor—is the best form of motivation and encouragement. ECG specializes in the mechanics of achieving optimal performance.

From memorable locales to unique vendors, ECG can support any corporate culture, budget, or need. Make your next incentive event one that awardees will remember for all the right reasons.

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Speak Previews®

Speak Previews® , established in 2009, is a free, twice-monthly e-zine addressing presentation skills, public speaking, and effective writing techniques that will improve your overall communication.

From cross-cultural communication to rhetorical devices, strategic messaging methods to teleconferencing techniques, ECG is committed to sharing our 35+ years of communication knowledge. Sign up now to begin receiving Speak Previews® .

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